He will go above and beyond to make my experience amazing!
Mike Clum, Clum Creative
Olexandr is fantastic. I’m telling you what: Beethoven? Nothing. Mozart? Nothing. Olexandr - that’s where you go!
Mark Kray, Vice President/General manager
for TT Electronics
Olexandr Ignatov is the best music producer I know. I use his stuff,
you should too!
Robert Syslo Jr, Syslo Ventures
I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for his commitment to his craft and how accommodating he was during the process.
Stephan Terrill, Atomic Shutter
Olexandr is a musical genius and he has made the most amazing music for my latest brand video. If you need music for anything Olexandr is the way to go!
Katelyn DeVan, TT Electronics
Olexandr has been amazing at helping me and he has created music that is incredible, has a great vibe or emotion and excitement for my pranks and social experiments. I give him big thumbs up and I recommend him!
Rich Ferguson, World famous magician/prankster
Where are using music from Oleksandr Ignatov very often. We are very satisfied with his music because his music is pushing our animations to the next level.
Czech, PR Film.cz
He went in and instantly created something overnight and we’re ready!
Dax Pandhi, QuadSpinner, Gaea, GeoGlyph