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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about OlexandrMusic


OlexandrMusic library is very easy to use. However, we’ve created some guidelines for you here to make sure you’re using it correctly. Frequently asked questions about using music from OlexandrMusic (FAQ). Please read them carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

1. What is OlexandrMusic library?

OlexandrMusic library is a free library created and curated by Olexandr Ignatov, the music composer and producer. Unlike his paid library which he has available for licensing, OlexandrMusic is completely free to use in your videos!


2. Is OlexandrMusic and Olexandr Ignatov the same?

While it may sound familiar, as all content is created by the composer Olexandr Ignatov. Only the OlexandrMusic is the free music library. All other music that you can find under the name of Olexandr Ignatov can be paid content and is not a part of OlexandrMusic free library.


3. I have received a copyright claim on my video. Is it normal and what should I do?

Don’t worry, a copyright claim doesn’t affect your channel in any bad way. As you probably know and can read on this website and also in the Usage Terms within your download, you can’t monetize your videos with OlexandrMusic free library by default. However, if you’re someone who wants to monetize your content and make income with it,  you can always unlock monetization for a selected video or entire YouTube channel. More information about it here.


4. How should I credit you for your work?

It’s very easy! Just copy and paste this text in your video description.

Free Use Music by OlexandrMusic


5. Can I use your music for my YouTube videos, film, student work, commercial, or as intro/outro?

While most libraries charge you for additional use, especially commercials, all music in the OlexandrMusic library is completely free to use in any project – from a home video to a full-length movie!