About Me

My main goal is to help people with my music. And thankfully I can do it in so many different ways – from putting a smile on a listener’s face or bringing a tear into their eyes; to helping this home music producer become a little better at what he does than he was yesterday; and at bringing that cinematic footage really come to life with some breathtaking and inspirational sounding background score.Olexandr Ignatov

Olexandr Ignatov is a Ukrainian composer, music producer, and piano artist. Also, he is known as one of the most prolific and hard-working royalty-free music producers that put out amazing quantities of ready to use quality background music for video content, may it be a YouTube video, a TV national campaign ad or a family vacation video. 

His unique piano style is recognized through his inspirational piano pieces and also some of the piano covers he did over the years, making them #1 on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views.

The latest album called “Forgotten Reality” was published in 2018 and is a collection of his epic cinematic scores which are set to bring you on an exciting and breathtaking journey.

A few singles were released between 2018 and 2020 which you can listen to here

In July 2020, Olexandr has started working on his newest full-length album that will be his lengthiest one up to date. It’s planned to release early Fall 2020.